Information two

See the Entertainments page and News Posts for details of exact dates and times nearer the event but here is a quick look at what happens over the year:


Membership renewals take place in January from 1st – 28th.

Over 60’s and lifetime members meal with entertainment


Annual General Meeting: Normally takes place on the second Sunday in May. Please support your Committee and hear about the Clubs progress and financial situation.

Nominations for Committee positions. Election for Committee take place.


The childrens party is open to Members children and grandchildren.

Members dinner and dance

Defribrillator: Our fully automatic iPad SP1 defibrillator is kept in the door persons cupboard. Learn how to use one, you might save a life!

When should I use a defibrillator?

If an individual is showing signs of a cardiac arrest, a defibrillator can be used to return their heart to its normal rhythm.

A cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body, usually due to a problem with the heart’s electrical signals. If the heart stops pumping blood around the body, the brain will be starved of oxygen and this will result in a person losing consciousness and stopping breathing. A cardiac arrest is considered a medical emergency and immediate action needs to be taken, otherwise it could be fatal. If someone is in cardiac arrest, they will be unconscious, unresponsive and they won’t be breathing, or they won’t be breathing normally. If you come across someone in this state, you can improve their chances of survival by phoning 999 and giving CPR as soon as possible. (Credit: Cardiac Science)


In September 2019 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Welcome Club, a 100  years of giving a warm welcome to our friends in the Stanford Le Hope area. Here is a brief history..

A cinema opened in London Road on 27th October 1913, but was quite short lived and closed in 1918 leaving the building available for the Welcome Club to take over in September 1919.

On 2nd January 1922 we joined the CIU, the Club & Institute Union allowing our members to use other CIU affiliated clubs on production of a valid CIU card.

In 1982 the building caught fire and had to be demolished and a temporary wooden building, affectionately known as the ‘hut’ or ‘shed’ was erected in its place while a new home was found. Being relatively small it gave members fond memories of its close, friendly atmosphere, memories that still exist to this day.

As it worked out, a car showroom which had been situated on the corner of Victoria Road ceased to trade and this provided the area for the new Club premises to be built. Since opening in 1985 the Club has had a few alterations, firstly enclosing the pavement area that we owned to make an outdoor seating and smoking area and now having a toilet block added which will be accessable from the hall. Once this is open we will be looking to give the old toilets and car parking area a makeover