And what else goes on at the Welcome Club

Wheelchairs are allowed into the main areas but unfortunately, because of space and insurance restrictions, push chairs must be left in the lobby. No animals other than special needs dogs are allowed into the club.

  • We have pool
  • We have darts
  • We have poker
  •  We have bingo
  •  We have sports on TV
  •  We have music and dancing

To hire the hall for special occasions, Birthdays etc. please see the ‘APPLY’ page

Food can be supplied by                 ‘Clares Kitchen’


The hall is also hired out for privately run dance/sports clubs etc.

Over 60’s Club

for club members and partners only

  • Music and dancing
  • Raffle and Bingo (small fee)
  • Buffet 4 times a year
  • Bottle of wine on your birthday (only one birthday a year allowed!)
  • Day trips and holidays arranged


Under 18’s: No alcohol

Challenge 25 Scheme

Over 18 but look under 25? Please show a valid ID to prove your age.

Drinking up times

Sun. to Thur. – 20 min.
Fri. and Sat. – 30 min.

For more infornation:


We love them but we do have to make some rules for everyone’s comfort and safety.

ALL persons under 16 years:

  • Must be under the supervision of at least one responsible adult at all times.
  • Must not use the dart boards or the pool table that is used for matches.
  • They may use the other pool table under supervision.
  • Should be off the dance floor after the bands break

Are You A Member?

Membership cards must be carried at all times that you are in the Club and must be shown on request.

Don’t forget that on group nights members and their full time partners are only allowed into the hall free if they can produce their membership card, otherwise the normal entrance fee will be charged for both persons.

Door staff have instructions to enforce this rule. Do not abuse them.

It’s A No No

NO abuse, either physical or verbal can be tolerated at any time, including damage to the Club.

We are a member of SCUCA; anyone causing problems may be reported to all Stanford and Corringham clubs and could result in you being banned from all of them.

If you have a valid urgent complaint then please see a member of the Committee.

If you have a non urgent complaint then please email or write to the Committee.

The Dance Floor

For everyone’s safety we have a strict rule:

No glass or liquids are allowed on to the dance floor

Should any spillage happen, if necessary, the entertainment will be suspended while the floor is cleaned

Respect: When special entertainment is booked, please remember that the dance floor may become part of their ‘stage’, if this is the case please keep the dance floor clear at all times.


We have groups playing almost every Saturday and most Fridays plus special show nights.

For information see the Entertainments page, The Welcome Club’s Facebook page or the posters in the lobby.

Group Nights & Special Show Nights

Because this is a members club, only paid up members, their long term partners & signed-in guests are allowed into the Members Lounge.

To prevent crowding in the corridor, other ticket holders for special show nights and pay as you enter guests for normal group nights should not enter the Club until 8pm or later. Thanks for your

Smoking and Vaping Areas

Please do not smoke near doorways and always dispose of cigarette ends responsibly.

Have consideration for non smokers nearby. Remember that smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the Club

Do you have a good idea for the Club?

Write or email to the Committee and it will be considered.

Defribrillator: Our fully automatic iPad SP1 defibrillator is kept in the door persons cupboard. Learn how to use one, you might save a life!

Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation

The Club will never give your personal data away to any unauthorised third parties. We are a WMCIU affiliated club and some data will need to be processed by them. You have the right to access all of your personal data, rectify anything that is inaccurate and object to it being processed in certain circumstances, or completely erased if you leave the Club.

Each request will be dealt with within one month of receipt free of charge.

How Do We Keep Our Prices So Low?

We are a members club and the yearly subs help us to plan ahead.

The entrance fee for the group nights help us to pay for the entertainment.

Volunteers, including the Committee, run the club and carry out other actions such as running the raffles and Tote, and keeping the grounds clean etc.

Help us to keep the prices low: support the Friday night meat raffle, the fortnightly raffle. drawn on a Saturday. and the Tote, (drawn Sunday) .

Please treat all Club property with respect and remember that food & drink purchased elsewhere are not allowed into the Club without express permission which is only granted under certain circumstances.

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