Monday      14:00 to 23:00

Tuesday     14:00 to 23:00

Wednesday 14:00 to 23:00

Thursday   12:00 to 23:00

Friday        12:00 to 00:00

Saturday    11:30 to 00:00

Sunday      12:00 to 23:00


Smoking and vaping are only allowed in the patio area, not inside the Club. Please do not smoke near doorways and always dispose of cigarette ends responsibly.


Wednesday  14:00 to 18.30

Thursday   12:00 to 18.30

Friday       12:00 to 1830

Saturday   12:00 to 18:30

Served from our 5* for hygiene rated kitchen. Kitchen availability is liable to  change at short notice.

Please see our Facebook page for information on any kitchen time changes


Brief rundown of annual events – just in case you wish to know

JANUARY –  1st to 28th Membership renewal. Dinner with entertainment for over 60’s with at least five years membership and for life members

MAY – AGM, (Annual General Meeting), normally held on the second Sunday in May. This is where the financial situation of the club is given and reports on what has happened over the last year plus any plans for the future. Nominations and elections for the Committee

DECEMBER –  Childrens party, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve celebrations

It’s A No No

NO abuse, either physical or verbal can be tolerated at any time, including damage to the Club.

We are a member of SCUCA; anyone causing problems may be reported to all Stanford and Corringham clubs and could result in you being banned from all of them.

If you have a valid urgent complaint then please see a member of the Committee.

If you have a non urgent complaint then please email or write giving  details and addressed to the Committee.

The Dance Floor

For everyone’s safety we have a strict rule:

No glass or liquids are allowed on to the dance floor

Should any spillage happen, if necessary, the entertainment will be suspended while the floor is cleaned


We love them but we do have to make some rules for everyone’s comfort and safety.

ALL persons under 16 years:

  • Must be under the supervision of at least one responsible adult at all times.
  • Please see notices in the games area for restrictions on children playing pool or darts

Are You A Member?

To ensure that only genuine paid up members enjoy the benefits of the Club, membership cards must be carried at all times that you are in the Club and must be shown on request.Don’t forget that on group nights members and their full time partners are only allowed into the hall free if they can produce their  membership card, otherwise the normal entrance fee will be charged for both persons. Door staff have instructions to enforce this rule. Please do not abuse them.



Because of space and insurance limitations, pushchairs and prams are not allowed inside the Club, and must be left in the Lobby.

Also, only Assistance dogs are allowed on the premises

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page at:


In the 19th century, as is common today, many men had to travel away from home in order to find work. Working men’s lodgings were often just a place for them to sleep and these men were not allowed into their digs until late at night and they had to leave early the next morning. To give the workers somewhere to go during the day, the first Working Mans Club was opened in Redish, Stockport; other clubs followed, many giving some form of education to these men. As  time went by most of these clubs became recreational social clubs.

The original Welcome Club building opened as a cinema in 1913 but this was very short lived because it closed in 1918 leaving the building empty until the Welcome Club took over the premises in September 1919.

On 2nd January 1922, we became a member of the Club & Institute Union, the CIU, which allows members who hold a CIU card to enter other CIU affiliated clubs.

Unfortunately, in December 1977, the original building had a serious fire which occurred during the firemans strike and the Green Godess fire engine that attended could not cope. The Club premises had to be demolished and as soon as possible a temporary wooden building was put up in its place.

Affectionately known as the ‘hut’ or ‘shed’ this still has fond memories for some people because of its close friendly atmosphere where everybody knew everyone else.

When Hulls Motors the Vauxhall dealership on the corner of Victoria Road closed, the building was demolished and the present club premises were built, opening in 1985.

Since then we have enclosed an area of the pavement to make an outdoor seating area and this is the only area in which smoking and vaping are allowed


Entry to the Welcome Club

The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at any time who may be considered to be intoxicated or in an aggressive state of mind

MEMBERS LOUNGE: As this is a members club, only members, their long term partners and signed in guests and CIU members are allowed into the Members lounge.

Non members who pay to enter the hall on music nights are not allowed into the Members lounge except to use the smoking/vaping area on the patio


A brief run down on some rules and information:

Any person wishing to join the club must be over 18 and proposed and seconded by two paid up members who can vouch for the nominees character and respectability. Details of fees will be given and after the initial fee is paid and the application form filled in, the applicants details will be displayed for a period of time in a prominent position to allow for any objections before the application is submitted to the Committee.
(For information on the application form, go to ABOUT – FORMS – MEMBERSHIP).

The annual subscriptions are due on 1st January and must be paid by 28th January. Any person who has not paid their membership fee by the end of February will be deemed to be in arrears and will not be allowed into the club until their subscription has been paid plus any fine. If you have problems that may cause a delay in payment, please contact the club as soon as possible.

Please notify the Secretary of a change of address/contact details within 14 days.

Members shall cease to be members:
(i) By non payment of subscription. Any outstanding arrears and/or fines must be paid before a new nomination for membership can be submitted. (see subscriptions above)
(ii) By expulsion
(iii) By resignation
(iiii) By death

All members of the club are entitled to join the CIU, (club & institute union), and may enjoy all of the privileges associated with it. CIU members from other clubs may enter the club and purchase alcohol, although the club has the right to refuse admission or access to parts of the club if deemed necessary.

The annual general meeting is held in May where a financial report and an annual report will be presented. Any members wishing to propose a motion must give notice in writing to the secretary giving at least five days notice.
Special meetings may be called by direction of the committee or by requisition of at least 30 members stating the purpose of the meeting.

Following the AGM, paid up members may nominate persons for the committee positions with elections to follow. Should the committee fall below its maximum membership during the year, the committee may nominate a temporary committee member until the next elections.

Data Protection


General Data Protection Regulation

The Club will never give your personal data away to any unauthorised third parties. We are a WMCIU affiliated club and some data will need to be processed by them. You have the right to access all of your personal data, rectify anything that is inaccurate and object to it being processed in certain circumstances, or completely erased if you leave the Club.

Each request will be dealt with within one month of receipt free of charge.

How Do We Keep Our Prices So Low?

We are a members club and the yearly subs help us to plan ahead.

There are many volunteers, including the Committee, who run the club, run the raffles, help to keep the grounds clean and tend to the plants etc.

Help us to keep the prices low: support the Friday night raffle, the fortnightly raffle, and the Tote.

Please treat all Club property with respect and remember that food & drink purchased elsewhere are not allowed into the Club without express permission which is only granted under certain circumstances.